Chapter 1


  1. What are the two types of people presented here?

  2. What are the differences in the two types?


Chapter 2


  1. With whom have the nations broken bond?

  2. Who will God set over Zion?


Chapter 3


  1. Who does the Lord hear?

  2. Who should we call on in times of trouble?


Chapter 4


  1. What does the Lord provide for His faithful?


Chapter 5


  1. For what is this prayer?

  2. What does God hate?


Chapter 6


  1. For what does the psalmist pray?

  2. What does the psalmist demonstrate?


Chapter 7


  1. Why would the psalmist’s persecution be justified?

  2. How will God judge us?

  3. What will happen to the wicked?


Chapter 8


  1. What is man’s significance?


Chapter 9


  1. Why does the psalmist praise the Lord?

  2. What is God to those who trust in Him?


Chapter 10


  1. Who do the wicked not fear?

  2. For what does the psalmist pray?


Chapter 11


  1. What faith in the Lord is shown?


Chapter 12


  1. What is constant for the oppressed and needy?


Chapter 13


  1. What should we trust before our enemies?


Chapter 14


  1. What is the condition of the people?


Chapter 15


  1. Who may dwell with the Lord?


Chapter 16


  1. What is the condition and hope of the faithful?


Chapter 17


  1. What vindication did the psalmist seek?

  2. What satisfied men of the world?

  3. What would satisfy the psalmist?


Chapter 18


  1. Who saves us from our enemies?

  2. Why did the Lord save David from his enemies?

  3. Who strengthens us for the battle?

  4. What should we do in our victories and deliverance from enemies?


Chapter 19


  1. What reveals the glory of God?

  2. What brings us great reward?


Chapter 20


  1. Who did the king seek for victory over his enemies?


Chapter 21


  1. Why was the king so thankful?


Chapter 22


  1. Why did David call out to God?

  2. What does he do after answered prayer?


Chapter 23


  1. What confidence did the psalmist have?


Chapter 24


  1. What belongs to the Lord?

  2. Who can go to the Holy place of the Lord?


Chapter 25


  1. What did the psalmist pray?

  2. Who will the Lord help?


Chapter 26


  1. What is asked of the Lord?


Chapter 27


  1. Why did David not fear anyone?

  2. What did he desire?

  3. How can we get courage and strengthen our hearts?


Chapter 28


  1. For what did the psalmist pray?

  2. What result came?


Chapter 29


  1. What are the people called to do?

  2. What will the Lord do for His people?


Chapter 30


  1. Why did David praise the Lord?

  2. How long will the Lord be angry?

  3. Why was he troubled?

  4. When should we praise the Lord?


Chapter 31


  1. What is the Lord in time of adversity?

  2. What is the psalmist’s present need?


Chapter 32


  1. What happens when you have unacknowledged sin?

  2. How should we be led in the Lord?


Chapter 33


  1. What are some attributes of God?

  2. What nation is blessed?

  3. Can man be delivered or saved by his strength?


Chapter 34


  1. Why was the psalmist praising God?

  2. How can man have long life and see goodness in his life?

  3. To who is God near?


Chapter 35


  1. Who shall avenge us against our adversaries?


Chapter 36


  1. What are the characteristics of the ungodly?

  2. In what are the godly satisfied?


Chapter 37


  1. Why should we not fret or envy the prosperity of the wicked?

  2. What is the difference in the riches of the wicked and righteous?

  3. What is the difference in giving of the righteous and wicked?


Chapter 38


  1. What does the psalmist ask of the Lord?


Chapter 39


  1. What is the length of our days?

  2. What is the vainness of man?


Chapter 40


  1. Who should we trust and call on during times of trial?

  2. What does the Lord prefer over sacrifice and offering?


Chapter 41


  1. How would the writer know that God was pleased with him?


Chapter 42


  1. Why is the writer despondent?


Chapter 43


  1. What is the writer’s hope?


Chapter 44


  1. Who drove out the enemies of the forefathers?

  2. What condition were the people in now?


Chapter 45


  1. Why is the king anointed by God?

  2. What shall the bride become to the king?

  3. What will this union produce?


Chapter 46


  1. Why should we not fear in times of trouble?

  2. How does the river in the city contrast with the swelling sea?


Chapter 47


  1. Why is God praised?


Chapter 48


  1. Why is God praised here?


Chapter 49


  1. What can’t wealth and riches redeem?

  2. What do the foolish think?

  3. What will become of those who trust in God?


Chapter 50


  1. What does God want more than sacrifice?

  2. What will happen to the wicked?


Chapter 51


  1. What is the prayer of the writer?

  2. What will the writer do if his prayer is answered?

  3. What does God desire over sacrifice and offering?


Chapter 52


  1. What is the characteristic of the mighty man?

  2. What will happen to the wicked?

  3. What will become of the righteous?


Chapter 53


  1. What have the wicked done to God’s people?

  2. What will God do to the wicked?


Chapter 54


  1. Why will God be praised?


Chapter 55


  1. Who had caused fear and reproach to the writer?

  2. How often did the writer pray?


Chapter 56


  1. When we are afraid whom will we trust?


Chapter 57


  1. What does the writer pray concerning his enemies?


Chapter 58


  1. What is prayed about the wicked?


Chapter 59


  1. Why were the wicked against David?

  2. How does David want his enemies punished?


Chapter 60


  1. Why is God going to help His people?


Chapter 61


1.      What faith does the writer have?

2.      What does he ask for the king?


Chapter 62


  1. Who are we to seek and trust for help?

  2. In what do the wicked trust and find help?


Chapter 63


  1. How does David fellowship with the Lord?


Chapter 64


  1. What will become of the oppressors?


Chapter 65


  1. Why is God praised?

  2. How is God sovereign over the earth?

  3. Why does the earth rejoice?


Chapter 66


  1. Why did God allow affliction and captivity on His people?

  2. When may the Lord not hear our prayer?


Chapter 67


  1. What results from God’s blessings?

  2. What is our hope in praising the Lord?


Chapter 68


  1. What goodness has God done for Israel?


Chapter 69


  1. What is the despair of the writer?

  2. What caused his suffering?

  3. What retribution is asked for his enemies?


Chapter 70


  1. What is the writer’s request?


Chapter 71


  1. How long has the writer trusted in God?

  2. Why did he need God now?


Chapter 72


  1. What is prayed for the king’s son?

  2. Which son of the king received the gifts and the gold?


Chapter 73


  1. What caused the writer to stumble?

  2. How did he find understanding and strength?


Chapter 74


  1. What did the writer feel about God?

  2. What does he ask God to remember?


Chapter 75


  1. How will God judge the wicked and the righteous?


Chapter 76


  1. What praise did God receive?


Chapter 77


  1. What did the writer seek from God?

  2. How did he find hope?


Chapter 78


  1. What did God command the fathers? Why?

  2. Why was Ephraim rejected?

  3. Who did God choose to shepherd His people?


Chapter 79


  1. What is asked of God?


Chapter 80


  1. Who brought the tribulation upon the people?

  2. Who is the vine?


Chapter 81


  1. What are the people asked to do?

  2. What had the Lord done for the people?


Chapter 82


  1. What is the injustice of the judges?

  2. Why are the judges called ‘gods?’


Chapter 83


  1. What does the psalmist pray?


Chapter 84


  1. Where does the psalmist want to dwell?

  2. What will God do for the upright?


Chapter 85


  1. What is asked of God?


Chapter 86


  1. What is the palmist’s prayer?


Chapter 87


  1. What city is praised?

  2. Who could boast?


Chapter 88


  1. Why is the writer so despondent?

  2. What reasoning does he present to God for His favor?


Chapter 89


  1. What belongs to God?

  2. With whom did God make a covenant?

  3. How did the writer feel?


Chapter 90


  1. Why should we number our days?


Chapter 91


  1. What comes with abiding in God?


Chapter 92


  1. With what did they praise the Lord?

  2. What will the righteous do in old age?


Chapter 93


  1. How is God’s reign described?


Chapter 94


  1. Why are the wicked foolish?


Chapter 95


  1. How should we honor our God?


Chapter 96


  1. Why is God praised?


Chapter 97


  1. Why should the righteous rejoice?


Chapter 98

  1. What is God coming to do?